JEDOM.CO - All My Favorite Snacks
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About Us

JEDOM.CO - All My Favorite Snacks
My mummy helps me with the business. When I go home after school, we will have meetings. She will explain to me and I will choose, design, create all things like the names, photos, designs, colors, all those things. Sometimes we face problems, we do prayer, obey and it is solved! I can't read and write very well yet, I am still learning. My mummy helps me write the things I say. I hope the business can give jobs and do social work. Updates May 2022: please have a look at our food bank. Nov 2022: Jesus made me able to read and write during my June 2022 holiday, we did a book for Christmas.
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Our Story

JEDOM.CO - All My Favorite Snacks
I love to eat snacks, they are yummy. I like to eat snacks so I sell snacks. I use my birthday ang bao money to start this business. I like to play games and drum. I am good at coloring and creating things. The money earned, I want to give it back to the Lord and give to my family. I hope to earn money to buy a house and car. Also a hotel too, so my ah ma, ah gong, jiu jiu, lao ma and everyone else can stay with me in a building because one house only can have a few people. My lao ma can talk to my mummy and my lao ma will not be so bored every day; and I will have someone else like ah ma to play with me. My dog can chase me, it's fun! My mummy helped me a lot and I love my mummy. Update, May 2022: I hope to give other children what they want to eat because Jesus always give me what I want to eat; toys and games too.

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Weekdays 02:30 PM — 6:30 PM Saturdays 09:30 AM — 6:30 PM We are closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

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